Outdoor Game Night!

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Party Tips

Summer time is perfect for throwing an outdoor game night party! There are so many great lawn games everyone of all ages can enjoy. Many are DIY, and easily put together with items from around your house. Here are some of our favorite ones, sure to be a big hit at your next party!

Giant Bubble Maker

You’ll need bubble solution, a small plastic pool, and a hula hoop. When you’re ready for some fun, get a guest to stand in the middle of the hula hoop in the pool, and quickly lift the hoop up. Kids will get a huge kick out of being inside a massive bubble!

Water Balloon Piñata

This couldn’t be easier to set up, and it’s a blast to play! Perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day, too. Fill around 7-8 balloons with water, cut 40-in pieces of string for each balloon, and hang from desired tree branch. Line up, and get swinging!

Backyard Jenga

Made with 2×4’s, this is Jenga on a grand scale! Kids and adults alike will love it when the tower falls. For extra fun, add funny dares to each board with a marker, and when a player pulls out the board they must complete the dare!

Hit the Can

Similar to the classic carnival game. Find some old coffee or soup cans from around your house and set up on a table in the yard. Grab a baseball and see who has the best throw!

Giant Pick Up Sticks 

This fun game is DIY and everyone will enjoy! It can be made from spray painted bamboo yard stakes. Pick any three colors of choice, and once dried, throw them into a large pile in a section of your grass and get playing!

Outdoor Twister

This game will bring the fun along with many laughs. Grab some spray paint, and spray dots on your grass. Don’t have a spinner, grab some old paint chips that match the dot colors. You can write on each one – right hand, left hand, etc. and put them into a bowl.

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