Tips from an Experienced Party Host Helper

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Party Tips

As a host, you want your guests to enjoy the party you took the time to plan! At Party Host Helpers, it is our mission to be a step ahead of the details, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the party.

We asked one of our New Jersey helpers, Bill, to fill us in on a few of his favorite tips that he has used to help hosts over the last 2 years that he has been a member of the team.

Party Host Helper Server

1. Greet host, get to know the space


  • “I greet my host, and get to know the space. I take some notes about serving times for the food so I am aware of the timeline. I also ask permission to look through the kitchen for familiarity in case I need items, such as paper towels and trash bags, during the party and do not want to bother the host.”

2. Be prepared


  • To be prepared before the guests arrive, Bill said he finds out “what the host would prefer to do with possible leftovers. It makes the cleanup process easier and more efficient.”

3. Gain host’s confidence


  • In addition to set up, serving, and cleaning, Bill also sets his mind to making sure the host “trusts, relaxes and enjoys the party.”

Now that your ready for you next party, don’t forget to book a Party Host Helper to serve your guests (and you!) so you can sit back and enjoy the great time you worked hard to make happen!

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